Happy New Year, wonderful people! 
You'll notice things look a little different around here... A whole lot of amazing is happening this year, and I thought my little blog deserved a facelift to celebrate! I have some incredible news to share soon enough - make sure you're signed up to my newsletter here, to stay in the loop! 

In the meantime, I've spent the last week or so in Melbourne, bringing in the new year surrounded by family and adventures - as well as great food and cocktails, of course. :) 

It's not quite New York, but in comparison to my coastal home, it's quite the concrete jungle - and a wonderful adventure. 


We spent most of the time wandering the city... 
We were lost more often than we knew where we were, though in the process we found cute laneways, boutiques and cafes - as is the way with Melbourne, I think. 

For the first few days, there was a heatwave, so we hid away in the galleries and museums. The Australian Centre for Moving Image was our first port of call, including a (super bizarre) exhibit in the basement where there were flying fish balloons and a single, projected movie about a rabbit. I love art, but sometimes, I just don't get it... 

Across the square, we found ourselves in the National Gallery of Victoria, before the obligatory Hosier Lane stop, as well as St. Paul's Cathedral, just next door. 

We brought in 2017 on the riverfront at BlueTrain, with a three course (amazing!!) meal, cocktails, champagne and midnight fireworks. At some point in the night, my brothers girlfriends and I ran off to buy us all giant, NYE headbands and equally embarrassing flashing lapels. 😁🎉

Once the festivities were over, we headed to St Kilda on New Years Day. 
The penguins normally come ashore at the pier around sunset, however when we arrived at midday we found a few strays in amongst the rocks, and I got WAY too excited. Later we checked out the markets and had a look around Luna Park. 

Then, to Melbourne Zoo! 
Our last day was spent with the animals. I loved Melbourne Zoo - everything seemed so open, and the animals looked well and happy. My absolute FAVOURITE ever was the orang-utans. A guide joined us and told us the stories of the family inhabiting the two enclosures. One particular little dude is SO obsessed with electricity and locks, he managed to dismantle a fire alarm, escape (though once he did escape, he merely sat atop his enclosure looking proud of himself) and break basically everything ever. He has a girlfriend now, and she keeps him in check. 🙈 

It was a wonderful adventure, and a great way to welcome 2017 - which is going to be the absolute best year yet. Check out the rest of my Melbourne journal below. x

NGV Ian Potter Centre
St Kilda
St Kilda
St Kilda Penguin

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