Makeshift Galaxy Tash Turgoose

Makeshift Galaxy follows the story of a young couple forced apart by untold events within their world, yet determined to stay together. The man, who is free to stay in the outside world, builds a hideaway for his girlfriend underneath the floorboards of his bedroom, meaning that they can stay together, and he can keep her safe. They continue their relationship by posting letters, drawings and photographs through the floorboards, and talking when they can, but one fleeting moment of passion jeopardises their relationship, and in turn puts both of their lives at risk.

Makeshift Galaxy is an illustrated book for adults, written and illustrated by Tash Turgoose.

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R E V I E W S   O F   M A K E S H I F T   G A L A X Y

"A phenomenal debut! This book breaks new ground. A must read."
— Professor Gary Crew, Author of The Watertower and Strange Objects.

"A story of loss and longing, powerfully told and gorgeously illustrated. The figure and night sky on the cover enticed me from the start, giving a tantalising glimpse of what was to come. Inside is the tale of a young woman, who, after secreting herself away from the world to avoid an unknown fate, pays a heavy cost for her confinement. "But nothing could replace how it felt to be alive, outside, in the stolen sunshine, in amongst the rainfall, the snow, the sea." Her longing to be reunited with her lover, who is so close, but seemingly unobtainable, is palpable throughout. Sensitively rendered, with moody black and white illustrations, Makeshift Galaxy manages to evoke so much in just a few pages. A stunning debut. I look forward to reading more by Tash Turgoose."
— Elizabeth Foster, Author of Esme's Wish.

"There's something about a nice and shiny hardback book that is just magical... and the contents of this book definitely live up to that magic. Makeshift Galaxy is a beautifully written and gorgeously illustrated book that tells a short but evocative story of love and humanity in a world where both those things are tested and pushed to the limits. Through the short span of the book it manages to convey so much emotion and heart. Definitely a beauty of a book to add to your shelf!"
— via Anastasia, Goodreads. (link)

"A beautiful picture book for adults, with illustrations that will stay with you long after you've read it."
— Dr. Julian Barr, Author of The Way Home.

"Loved it. I found it very thoughtful and moving. Brilliantly evocative of an (unidentified) era, yet still timeless.
Beautifully written and the illustrations are just incredible."
— Nikki Stephens, via Goodreads. (link)